You might already have your own banking app and therefore wonder:

“Why change? Doesn’t my banking app already track my transactions?”

Well, yes, it probably does. And that’s actually one of the problems. When expenses get tracked automatically they get easily overlooked. Furthermore, most of the banking apps don’t even offer solutions for planning your expenses proactively.

With Prefund however, you have the power to plan your personal finance in advance, and keep track of it in your own way. Here’s a list why you might prefer using Prefund to relying solely on your banking application.

FeaturePrefundMost banking apps
Track everythingcheck_circle Track any expensesblock Credit card transactions only
Update Expense datacheck_circle Amount, date, note, attachmentsblock No update
Create Envelopescheck_circle Custom, color-coded Envelopesblock Predefined categories only
Create Budgetscheck_circle Any number, for any occasionblock Month or week views only
Attachmentscheck_circle PDFs, photos, etc.block No attachments
Ad freecheck_circle No adsblock Sells loans and other offers

Having a banking app is indeed very convinient; specially for transferring money and looking up actual credit card transactions. For conscious personal finance planning however you might like giving Prefund a shot.

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