Prefund is being actively developed. Here’s a list of features that are currently in the oven.

Bank connections

With Bank connections you will be able to easily connect Prefund to your bank accounts and pull bank transactions from them automatically. This way, you will be able to add these bank transactions to your Prefund Budgets and have all your expenses in one centralised place. Bank connections is currently under development.


Collaboration might come handy, with which you can easily share your Budgets with your peers. This way, you can view and edit the same Budgets with your partner, spouse or colleague.

Let me know what you think

These features are not yet implemented, but they are definitely on the roadmap. What do you think? Let me know if you have questions and/or thoughts about any of these functionalities at

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If you are interested in what features Prefund already has, check out these Prefund Docs as well: