Prefund is a web application, which means you can access it directly from your browser at

It has been designed to fit all device sizes, so you you can easily use it on your phone, tablet or laptop as well.

Prefund on Desktop and Mobile You can use Prefund on Desktop, Tablet and Phone too.

Offline support

Offline mode is also supported on all devices. Once you have logged in with the Remember me option checked, you will be able to access from the same browser, even when you don’t have connection. When offline, your modified data is stored locally, and automatically synced back once you go back online.

For quicker access, you can add Prefund to your iOS / Android phone’s Home Screen and use it just like a native application.

Add Prefund to iOS Home Screen

Open in Safari on iOS. Tap on the “Share” button on the bottom. Select “Add to Home Screen”, then tap “Add”. Prefund is now available from your Home Screen.

Tap Share in Safari 1) Tap Share in iOS Safari
Select 'Add to Home Screen' 2) Select 'Add to Home Screen'
Tap 'Add' 3) Tap 'Add'
Prefund on iOS Home Screen 4) Access Prefund from Home Screen

Add Prefund to Android Home screen

Open in Chrome on Android. A ribbon on the bottom should automatically appear with the option “Add Prefund to Home screen”. Tap on the ribbon to add Prefund to your Home screen. If the ribbon does not appear, tap the Chrome Menu Bar (three dots on the top right corner), then hit “Install app” or “Add to Home screen”.

Add Prefund to Home screen ribbon 1.A) Install using the ribbon
Select 'Install app' from Chrome Menu Bar 1.B) Install using Chrome Menu Bar
Tap 'Install' 2) Tap Install
Prefund on Android Home screen 3) Access Prefund from Home screen

Keep reading

If you wish to learn more about how to budget efficiently, check out these Prefund Docs as well: