Notion is a great knowledgebase management tool, which helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas. Among many others, it is suitable for example to maintain a diary, write monthly reviews, track your exercise results and - from now on - to maintain your finances as well.

Prefund is a responsive web application, which means you can easily embed your Prefund Budgets into your Notion documents.

Having Prefund right inside your Notion pages can be super convinient, because this way you can easily view and edit your monthly reviews / weekly plans (including your diary entries, goals and budgets) all in one place.

Adding Prefund to a Notion page

Adding Prefund to Notion is super easy. Simply copy your Prefund Budget’s URL (e.g.: into a Notion page. A pop-up menu will appear from which simply choose Create embed. After this, you may have to log in to Prefund to see your Budget.

Embed Prefund into Notion 1) Insert Prefund's URL into Notion, choose 'Create embed'.
View and edit Prefund in Notion 2) Log in to Prefund. Now you can view and edit your Budgets.

Keep reading

If you wish to learn more about how to budget efficiently, check out these Prefund Docs as well: